by CWF


As we are nearing the end of this blessed month , we ask you to please keep in mind our many brothers and sisters around the world that are suffering.

CWF together with Ummah Heart and in conjunction with Al Ghiraas Foundation are raising funds for Palestinians and Syrians in Refugee Camps in Lebanon. We are so grateful to Custom Islamic Art, Neon Printers, Naadira Essak and Sameera Laher for the project coordination

In lieu of eid gifts, please consider purchasing a gift card. These can be given to family and friends- in whose name a donation will then be made to the many who need our help.  These funds will be used towards health care, education and basic needs.

We have a number of stockists that are assisting us in the sales of these cards.


  • Garage Cafe-Oaklands
  • Hanover Bakery
  • Subwear (Rosebank and Plaza)
  • Rashid Cassim Sports
  • Forsmay
  • Sollys Corner
  • Ajmaan (Greenside and Rosebank)
  • Ahsan Apparel
  • Ummah Heart
  • Eastern Temptations
  • Baked on Grant
  • Fitness Fusion (Shakera )
  • Pizza Del Forno (Killarney)


  • Love Fashion KM Abayas (Laudium)
  • CWF Pretoria
  • Purposeful Giving


  • HRN Fabrics
  • Park Butcheries
  • Uppercrust Bakery

Alternatively you can contact Naushina, myself or Appa Zaa for the purchasing of cards (numbers are on the attached images).


Caring Womens Forum
FNB - Killarney (256205)
Lillah Acct : 60486116607

Caring Womens Forum
FNB-Killarney (256205)
Zakaah Acct: 62012945161

ref: Palestine/ Syria

Please see attached pics for more information.

Shukran for your support.