List of Ramadhaan projects

by CWF


Please find a list of Ramadhaan projects below. We thank you for your continued support.

1) Daily Feeding -  For the past 6 years, CWF has assisted GOTG with iftaar feeding for approximately 4000 people at 46 centres (including 2 prisons), from Shoshanguwe to Orange Farm. We are so grateful to the community for their continued support to ensure that meals are catered for. Trailers are parked at the Masjidul Furqaan, West Street Masjid and Masjid -ud Duha ( Sandton) . We request your assistance with the drop off of the following items:             (no zakaah funds for this project)



Sweet potato

Fruit ( Orange, Banana, Apples)







2) CWF and FIZA continue our annual Abaaya and Kurtha Drive. Drop off points have been allocated nationally and we request your gently used items that can be re-gifted to others who need it. This drive ends on the 27th May to ensure handouts before eid. For more information contact Fatima 083 291 7979 or Naushina 082 625 6252

3)Weekend feeding for Gift of the Givers and Reuvens Old Age home are done by various groups of ladies.We thank them for continuously supporting this initiative.

4)   Eid card making for Palestine has already begun. We thank all the schools and communities involved in it. For further information, please contact Farnaaz 084 686 0615

5) Eid gifting will be handed out to children at various centres and homes that CWF works with through the year. The lists are below in the weekend timetable. All families are welcomed to join us for any of the handouts. For community service information contact Nabila 082 468 3183

6) Weekend Timetable

19 May 2018 - GOTG feeding and Pensioners Feeding

26 May 2018 - 9.30am: Sweet Packing at Masjidul Furqaan

                          GOTG feeding and Pensioners Feeding

27 May 2018 - 10.00am: Eid Gift Handouts to

  •                              Kaalfontein
  •                              Park Frail Care
  •                              Reuvens

02 June 2018 - GOTG feeding and Pensioners Feeding

03 June 2018 - 09.30am: Eid Gift Handouts to

  •  Westbury
  • Riverlea
  • Appa Latiefa
  • Crescent Heaven
  • Albadr
  • Muftaul Uloom

09 June 2018 - GOTG feeding and Pensioners Feeding

10 June 2018 -  Eid Gift Handouts to:

  • Protea South

Gifts will also be sent to Nylstroom Muslim Welfare

7) Our banking details are below

Branch code: 256205

Branch code: 256205

PBO certificates queries  to be directed to Tasneem Makda- Mia 082 653 7443/

Shukran for all your support




by CWF

We are so thankful to the Zain Bhikha team for the collaboration with CWF and CWF Kids.

The amount raised was only possible due to the sponsors listed on the attached letter, as well as the many families that came out to support the event. Jazakallahukhair. All amounts raised will be donated to an identified project.

May Allah swt bless and reward all involved. Pictures from the event have been uploaded to our social media pages CWF wishes to congratulate Zain and his team on the release of their new cd Cotton Candy Sky.

Zain Bhikha's 2018 album release 'Cotton Candy Sky' is sure to delight listeners of all ages. With an array of 12 brand new songs, 'Cotton Candy Sky' is still true to Zain Bhikha's unique sound with inspiring reminders of the power of God.  Though the album has something for everyone, it is sure to appeal to young children and parents with tracks, that playfully incorporate nature and colour as a means of connecting with our Creator.

Other songs soulfully capture acts of worship and more so, those heartfelt moments that define the great human spirit celebrating the interconnectedness of our lives to those around us.


Zain Bhikha is also launching the first book in a five-part series, 'Allah Made Everything'. It is a vibrant, and enchantingly illustrated kid's book that can be used on its own or in conjunction with the hit song "Allah made everything."

Click here to view Letter of AppreciationClick here to view Letter of Appreciation



Ramadhaan Kareem from the CWF

by CWF


Ramadhaan Kareem from the CWF family to yours. May this be a blessed month for all.

An update of CWF projects:

1) R200 000.00 was donated to the AWQAFSA Young Entrepreneurship Endowment and Grant Fund. This fund gives young entrepreneurs an opportunity to access funds in order to develop their businesses.

2) R48 000.00 was donated to Africa Muslim Agency towards water wells in countries around Africa

3) FNB donated chocolate slabs to CWF and these were donated to every student at Roseneath School.

4) The daily, weekly and monthly feeding and care of families and individuals continue.

Shukran for your support


on behalf of CWF


by CWF

The CWF team has been exceptionally busy and therefore delayed in sending out updates on work that has been done. All your support-whether it be financial, physical or in duaas, has been greatly appreciated and its what we rely on to do the necessary work. Shukran!
Please see information below:
• Sharpville Islamic Centre will receive a total amount of R75 000.00 from CWF over the next few months.
• R20 000.00 was donated to ILMSA for the development of a home for a family that lost theirs last year.
• R63 100.00 was raised with Polokwane Group, Bariq Al Amal, to donate water to GOTG for residents in Cape Town.
• R8 500.00 was used to purchase sanitizers and wet wipes for residents of Cape Town. We are grateful to Ashraful Uloom and Accidental Muslims for transporting it and for handing it out.
• CWF purchased kurtas and topees for the students of the Bilal Ibn Rabah Centre. The Centre falls part of the Youth of Ubuntu (Y.O.U) non-profit organization based in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape. Y.O.U is overseen by Ml Shoayab Laher.
• Daily and weekly feeding projects have continued through this year. Members heading this up can be contacted to find out how you can get involved. The current projects: Charlotte Maxeke Hospital, Appa Latiefah, Roseneath School, Park Frail Care, Reuvens Frail Care, Luthando Clinic.
• The CWF kids team have been busy with their latest fundraising project for The Teddy Bear Clinic. Contact for further information on how to get involved. R127 614.20 was raised on their first project and this amount was used to purchase specialised wheelchairs for Syrian refugees with disabilities.
• The Zain Bhikha CD Launch will be held on the 5th May and proceeds will go to the CWF Kids nominated project. We are grateful to Casa Mia Biscuits for being our headline sponsor. Tickets are available on
• A successful run for Autism awareness was held at the Johannesburg Zoo with FEED and Autism SA under the banner Jozi4Autism.
• Baby items were collected for two homes in the Rosettenville area and were handed over to the Al Imdaad Group for distribution.
• Bursaries were handed out with SANZAF.
• Uniforms were purchased and donated to Al Badr and Kaalfontein orphanage.
• Family and individual care cases continue to be assisted as needed.
• R10 000.00 was donated to the Accidental Muslims team to fund the Gugulethu Baker Project which enables empowerment and employment.
• R27 018.00 was used to purchase items for the Little Surgeons Project. Basic item packs were put together for babies to have when discharged from hospital.
• R20 000.00 was used to purchase communication software for the Baragwanath Speech and Hearing Clinic.
• R16 750.00 was spent at Lesedi La Batho, Mabopane to help with much needed items for the creche.
• CWF assisted with the Shamsaan tour which hosted the young children from Palestine. Our duaas and support are with Ahed Tamimi, who was in SA on this tour, and all the other Palestinian Youth Prisoners.
• Sanitary Pads were donated last year to Pangola school in Piet Retief. These were donated to CWF by Bodhania Wholesalers.
• Sanitary Pads donated to a school in Limpopo Province were donated by the girls of St Andrews School. This collection was coordinated by Lamisah Seedat.
• Dress up diaries was a new project that started under the CWF banner to much success. A repeat of this will be held in May 2018. This project gives ladies an opportunity to hand over gently used formal wear and for other ladies that are in less privileged positions, to "shop" for their new ensemble.
• In October 2017, R50 000.00 was handed over to the Teddy Bear Clinic.
• R15 000.00 was donated to the IMA Cataract camp late last year.
• CWF assisted at the Uwais Qarni Islamic Centre Annual Medical Health Day.

Zain Bhikha new CD release- Cotton Candy Sky

by CWF


CWF and CWF Kids are proud to be associated with the launch of the Zain Bhikha new CD release- Cotton Candy Sky. This is definitely an event not to be missed, especially for families. We are grateful to Casa Mia Biscuits for being our headline sponsor- This ensures all funds raised can be handed over to the  CWF KIDS nominated charity.

Tickets are available on . Please note that only a limited amount of tickets are available. Event details below. See you all there!